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Business to Business Trading Portal, a unit of Matrix net-on-line Limited is Business to Business Trading Portal offer companies interested to introduce their products for Buyers worldwide, when the WTO (World Trade Organization) increased the business opportunities with & within Asia in new business concept of free economy for more trade opportunities in Asia. 

In selected 22 Asian Countries and offered online basic trade Information of each Country as well as Infrastructure details, Export/ Import rules, general information of Country, business opportunities and active trading platform for online submission of Tenders, Auctions, Buy-Sell for direct negotiations/ enquiries and orders from Worldwide Buyers for different sections. offer marketing partnership to Asian Companies, promoting them and arranging orders for them through professional trading team and associated trade platforms worldwide on fixed charges for promotion as well as on commission basis.


One Stop Rental  Venue in India

Matrix has floated a portal for rental business in India. Currently providing service in New Delhi and will soon spread to other Indian Metros.

It is a one stop rental venue. Erenthub has designed a unique package to cater to the needs of individuals, corporate and Diplomatic missions for their long term and short term rental needs. It offers customized package to frequent travelers to make online orders and get everything ready well in advance before he reaches the destination.

The idea is to provide everything under one umbrella than to make  customer run from one pillar to post for one simple assistance. It will have a rental showroom also where on gets best products at very good prices round the clock. This platform will soon have online payment systems.


In segment of entertainment

In segment of entertainment, Matrix started another multi dimensional portal named offering Online dating, online chat, jokes, e-greetings, download , bollywood services targeting youth segment for this portal. 

In addition Matrix adds some e-commerce with Shop cart to send gifts to the Friends and Loved ones. With this One More Section launched in this Portal Matrix launched and education section for Small Kids to increase General knowledge to Kids So that they can know about our common topic which are always strike in their minds.  The portal will cover entertainment segment and youth as every body knows that internet surfing in Asia dominated by youth and viewers in this segment. Bridge the gap between upcoming artists and art collectors worldwide is a initiative by Matrix to bridge the gap between upcoming artists and art collectors worldwide, the promotion of each artist and their art work, Matrix formed the management team from established artists to support the upcoming artist to promote talent and educate the different aspects of art and promotion. also support upcoming artist with arranging sponsorships to enter the training camps, International art seminars etc. offer platform to artist want to sell their artwork worldwide with arranging International exhibitions, arranging private meets of art collectors and artists to display their work for selected buyers etc.



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