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Progress in Trade Activities in Asian Emerging Market September 26th, 2019

The Trade restriction by USA effected few Asian countries, however in totality Asian emerging economies benefited. As per ADB latest Outlook indicated that Vietnam export increased 33 per cent to USA and Bangladesh get 13 per cent increase in exports in current year. In addition the other Asian Countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines economy grown and become winner. The Trade war between USA & China slowdown Chinese exports reduced approx. 12 percent current year and outlook of Asian Economy in totality trimmed from earlier estimated 5.7 percent Growth to 5.4 percent. In one side country like Vietnam get boost of 2.3 percent additional Growth, the economic growth in Hong Kong estimated to 0.3 percent from earlier projected 2.5 percent Growth. It slightly effecting South Korea from estimated 2.5 percent to 2.1 percent. Keshav Gandhi, CEO of predict this shake of up down of Export from Asia will change the earlier practice and to compensate the export loss the efforts from China & India to increase business with in Asia will help Trade activities pushed by Asian Countries in coming year.

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