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an e-biz company started in first quarter in year 2000 to deal in online business opportunities...

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KRS e-commerce biz Pvt. Ltd. opportunities, the management deals in International Trade since 1987 and developed e-biz portals in Business to Business, Entertainment and Business to Consumer modules. Considering the scope of business through Internet KRS E-Commerce Biz working towards information to e-commerce for each portal offering online transaction enabled modules. KRS E-Commerce Biz already initiated few portals in field of Information, e-biz provider for Asian Businesses considering huge Infrastructure Business opportunities in Asia. In addition, KRS E-Commerce Biz offer e-biz solutions to our clients to make there business online and offer related services to cover all areas of businesses through Internet.

E-Biz Portals

Business to Business, Entertainment and Business to Consumer modules. is Business to Business Trading Portal offer Companies platform to promote their products. is a initiative by KRS E-Commerce Biz to bridge the gap between upcoming artists and art collectors worldwide, the promotion of each artist and their art work. for rental business in India. Currently providing service in New Delhi and will soon spread to other Indian Metros.

E-Biz Solutions

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KRS e-commerce biz Pvt. limited, Company established in first quarter of year 2000. The company objective is to develop, market, and maintain Business-to-Business, Business- to-Consumers, and Entertainment portals. KRS E-Commerce Biz has already develop the following portals (more detailed information on each portals are provided in business plan): Security of consumers and businesses information, qualities of products available thru websites were the main concern of KRS ecommerce biz while developing the portals and we had achieves that goal successfully. An extensive market survey has revealed that no other portal presently on the market compares with KRS ecommerce biz in terms of feature, benefits, and low price. Market survey includes: attending international trade fairs, visiting different B2B sites particularly related to Asia, opinion from respected companies. KRS ecommerce biz launched its B2B Portals on May 25, 2000, which took four month to develop with information of 22 Asian countries. The major markets for KRS ecommerce biz services are throughout Asia but later to provides services to Europe and North America. KRS ecommerce biz services are among the best services available on the net for Asian Communities. KRS ecommerce biz believes that its exceptional service, strong management team and low risk business strategy lead to an attractive venture capital for development / expanding of existing portals, marketing of KRS ecommerce biz’s Portals in Asian countries. To More Detail regarding our business plan contact us


The management deals in International Trade since 1987

Keshav Gandhi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

He has 35 years of experience in International trading and business development in field of Infrastructure.

Raman Deep Gandhi

Co - Founder

He has more than 20 years of experience in Business. He was a part of making decisions and marketing.

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312A,Jyoti Shikhar, District Center, Janak Puri, New Delhi- 110058, India